Love Louder Pumpkin

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Encircle was given 700 pumpkins grown with care and meticulously decorated by Teresa, a dedicated woman who loves her gay children and the LGBTQ+ community: https://youtu.be/oB3BL8lpKxU

Will you donate $20 to ensure that every LGBTQ+ youth in Utah feels loved and supported? Your donation will support mental health services at Encircle and will gift a pumpkin etched with messages of support, love, and kindness to an LGBTQ+ youth in your community.

On Friday, October 15; Saturday, October 16; and Saturday, October 23 Encircle is having a Pumpkin Patch event at each of our three locations: Salt Lake City 5-8 PM (10/15); Provo 4-7 PM (10/16); and St. George 10 AM-1 PM (10/23). Our goal is for each LGBTQ+ youth to take home their own LOVE LOUDER Pumpkin!


*Your donation is processed through our store and the pumpkin is delivered by Encircle to the LGBTQ+ youth at the events listed above. *